L Series Free Standing Kiosk

46" LCD Kiosk w/ Built in Media Player, Rounded Corners, 1.97" Depth

Product Number: L46H7

Weight: 1.00 lbs

market examples
Digital Signs For Stores

Digital Signs

Promote current and upcoming specials
Help increase impulse purchases
Display product demonstrations and testimonials
Educate and inform customers of your customer loyalty programs
Maximize store traffic and specifically promote particular items at your busiest times

Digital Signs For Hospitals

Digital Signs

Display information regarding common seasonal illnesses as well as new treatment solutions and medical procedures updates
Keep your patients and staff up to date on of important information, daily news, and provided services
Highlight optional specialty services, such as weight loss clinics, wellness programs, etc
Guide visitors, staff, and patients through your facility with Digital Signage as interactive map
Sell advertising space to other health related businesses and drug companies

Digital Signs For Auto Sales

Digital Signs

Promote new financing rates
Educate your customers on current specials, new vehicles, and custom features
Draw in additional business with videos, photos, and information
Up sell services and maintenance packages
Advertise lease options for new vehicles
Promote customer testimonials
Provide How-To tutorials

Digital Signs For Banks

Digital Signs

List new loan, CD, credit card, and mortgage rates
Educate your customers on policy changes, general news, events, and updates
Promote financial understanding with easy-to-read interest charts
Up sell available services and packages
Promote customer testimonials
Offer helpful tips for saving and investing

Digital Signs For Hotels

Digital Signs

Provide way finding maps, directions and room listings from the lobby
Share live weather, news, and flight times
Display local attractions, events, and activities
Promote value-added services like room upgrades and loyalty programs
Display welcome messages for conferences and large group events
Congratulate valued guests on their birthday, anniversary, or other special date
Share your pool and health club hours

Digital Signs For Restaurants

Digital Signs

Automatically change menu based on time, day, audience, or when ever it’s needed
Up-sell, No more of “Do you want fries and a drink with that?”
Issue immediate price and menu changes
Boost the success of promotional items
Decrease printing costs
Reduce perceived wait times, entertain, and enhance the customer experience

Digital Signs For Colleges

Digital Signs Colleges

Deliver important news and announcements as they happen
Post current event schedules and special events
Deliver instant emergency announcements
Announce changes to course schedules
Advertise bookstore, café or other campus shop offerings
Post administrative announcements and registration schedules
Advertise volunteer opportunities and community outreach programs

Rounded Corners 46” LED-Backlit LCD Kiosk with Built-in Ad Player and S-PVA Technology

This super slim LED back-lit kiosk will immediately captivate your customer’s attention. Using the built-in media player and included digital signage scheduling software (Ad Player) you will have the ability to display videos, image slide shows, scrolling text, or web based content that will amaze, intrigue and excite your customers and clients. Use one kiosk as a standalone device or network a group together and control remotely.

Quick And Easy Setup

This commercial grade kiosk offers a quick and easy set up. You can easily update all content via a USB thumb drive, or you can upgrade to remotely access and control the kiosks content from your computer!

Commercial Grade Kiosk

This Kiosk is manufactured specifically for high-use commercial settings. Rated for 50, 000 hours of continuous usage, this kiosk can be powered on and operate for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every kiosk is encased in commercial grade metal housing. Aside from this metal housing, each kiosk features long lasting tempered glass. This type of glass is manufactured specifically to withstand retail, high usage, high traffic use.

S-PVA Technology featuring full HD 1080p LED Backlight Display

This new technology will allow for your customers to clearly view the kiosk’s content from every angle. Since the kiosk features an LED backlit 1080p screen, the color, clarity, and resolution of any image, video and text will appear incredibly sharp and simply amazing!

This kiosk (L46H7) is UL Certified. UL is an international acclaimed safety User Manual certification organization that sets the benchmark for safety related certifications, validation, testing, and inspecting.

Download PDF: Download Specs Sheet

Display Screen Size 46"
Resolution 1920x1080
Product Size 27.17" (W) x 72.83" (H) x 1.97" (D)
Display Size 22.55" (W) x 40.08" (H)
Net Weight187 lbs
Gross Weight290 lbs
Brightness 400 cd/m2max
Aspect Ratio 9:16
Contrast Ratio 4000:1 typ
Input Power Voltage AC 110-240 V (50Hz-60Hz)
Working Temperature 32 ° to 122 ° F
Sound 6W, 8Ω
Colors 16.7M
Program Input Port USB 2.0 auto import
Video Signal Input Port VGA/HDMI/Audio
Power Consumption 300W
Viewing Angle 178°
Built-In Flash Memory 4GB
Supported Media Format
By Built In Decoding
1080P full HD MPEG2,4 H.264, MP3, JPEG
Extensibility Able to connect with any media box, DVD player and PC box
Timer On/Off Schedule (specific time) to automatically power ON & OFF
Accessories Remote control, AC Power Cord, CD, Key, User Manual